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Jim Kraus
(402) 123-4567


According to, Novice means, “a person new to a field or activity; a beginner.”


Novice to perfect pitching (NTPP) is a young girls’ softball training center dedicated to taking the novice, the beginner who shows talent to the sport, and help them perfect their skills and become the best they can be.


NTPP, while specializing in training young women better pitching skills, also works with them to catch, hit and field better.


Starting with the basics, we work with the girls individually completely one-on-one using state-of-the-art technology.  We film students performing their practice runs using a high-definition iPad camera and play back to the students, in almost real-time, freezing the motion and showing them where exactly they need to improve, be it pitching, catching, hitting or fielding.


Feel free to contact us using the form on the left.  We would love to have you come out and view our training facility.